At the end of 2018, AHPS had 245 dues paying members, 201 of whom live in the US and 44 in other countries.

The breakdown of US membership is spread across 40 states as follows:
CA 24
NY 19
NJ 12
WA 11
AZ, MA, and TX 9 each
MO 8
IL 7
FL, NC, and OR 6 each
IN, MD, SC, and WI 5 each
CO, CT, and OH 4 each
NV, NM, RI, TN, and VA 3 each
MN, MI, and OK 2 each
AL, AR, DE, DC and NH 1 each.

Foreign memberships are represented as follows:
Switzerland 20
Canada 12
United Kingdom 8
Denmark, France, Mexico, and Philippines 1 each.