Readers of the following materials are cautioned that they may contain outdated information that has since been corrected by more recent research. While some materials include lists of known corrections, even these corrections may be incomplete.

Albert Altwegg, Jr. was a long-time member of the AHPS and formed a comprehensive collection of Bundesfeier postcards, including varieties he discovered. After he died in 2001, his son scanned all of the collection. These scans have been packaged into 6 volumes by year. The current owner of the collection has agreed to our posting the 6 volumes as an educational tool for those interested in collecting this interesting sidelight of Swiss philately.  Scans are item 22 on this list.

  1. 1941 Bern Anniversary Stamp Plating by Richard T. Hall (51MB pdf download)
  2. The Kocher Stamp: A Private Postal Advertising Venture in Switzerland by George B. Hafer Jr. (3MB pdf download)
  3. Swiss Trial Prints by Derrick M. Slate (102MB pdf download)
  4. Civilian Internment Camp Mail 1940-1946 by John Steinberg
    1. Steinberg Part 1 (7MB pdf download)
    2. Steinberg Part 2 (7MB pdf download)
    3. Steinberg Part 3 (7MB pdf download)
    4. Steinberg Part 4 (7MB pdf download)
    5. Steinberg Part 5 (5MB pdf download)
  5. Swiss Panorama Presentation by Harlan F. Stone (36MB pdf download)
  6. Swiss Postal Stationery Presentation by Harlan F. Stone (35MB pdf download)
  7. Strubel Issue Research Correspondence of Herbert Brach 1990-1996
    1. Brach Correspondence Part 1 (7MB pdf download)
    2. Brach Correspondence Part 2 (5MB pdf download)
    3. Brach Strubel Usage Table Part 1 (1.5MB jpg download)
    4. Brach Strubel Usage Table Part 2 (1.2MB jpg download)
  8. Finding Guide to the Harlan Stone Papers at the APRL
  9. Chronicle of Swiss Post Offices by Karl Gebert (1.7MB)
  10. Landi Postcard Catalog by Richard T. Hall (188MB)
  11. Marginal Markings Supplement to Richard T. Hall article in November 2015 issue of Tell (2.5MB)
  12. Machine Cancel Search Tool noted in May 2017 issue of Tell (3MB)
  13. Geographisches Lexikon der Schweiz – A to N noted in May 2017 issue of Tell (Huge File 1.5GB)
  14. Geographisches Lexikon der Schweiz – O to Z and Supplement noted in May 2017 issue of Tell (Huge File 1.5GB)
  15. Heinrich Heissinger Presentation on Ortspost and Poste Locale Stamps (12MB)
  16. Briefli Cards – post 1960
  17. Post Cancellations and Markings in Switzerland (146MB)
  18. Multilingual Philatelic Diction (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) (2.3MB)
  19. Swiss Rate List 1862 – 2022 (281k)
  20. “The Postage Stamps of Switzerland” 1843 – 1862, Mirabaud and De Reuterskiöld 1899 (41MB)
  21. “The Introduction of Postal Codes in Switzerland” by Giovanni Balimann (2.6MB)
  22. Bundesfeier Postcards by Albert Altweg
    1. 1910 to 1916 (11.6 MB pdf download)
    2. 1917 to 1923 (10.7MB pdf download)
    3. 1926 to 1930 (9.6MB pdf download)
    4. 1931 to 1937 (8.7 MB pdf download)
    5. 1938 to 1951 (7.8 MB pdf download)
    6. 1952 to 1960 (6.5 MB pdf download)
  23. “Swiss Centenary Stamp Exhibition”(95.9MB)
  24. Swiss Hotel Stamps and Usage Census (website link – in German)