The American Helvetia Philatelic Society (AHPS) is an organization dedicated to the study and enjoyment of the stamps and postal history of Switzerland. The AHPS holds an auction three times each year. Participation as buyer or seller is restricted to AHPS members. For membership information, please contact Richard T. Hall at

The lots for auction number 181 are shown on this page. The deadline for bids is December 20, 2021. For bidding instructions and the lot descriptions, please click here –> AHPS #181 listing  The auction and lot descriptions are also published in the AHPS journal Tell.  

The first catalog number in the description is generally Zumstein (Z), followed by Scott (S) as appropriate.  Values are from the 2016 Zumstein.  Airmail covers are listed and valued per 2013 Schweizerisches Luftpost Handbuch where appropriate.  Catalog values are converted to US dollars at the rate CHF 1 = US$ 1.  Although the Swiss Franc is a little higher than the US Dollar it makes pricing a lot easier.  

Bids may be sent to the Auction Manager, Gerry Diamond, at . Bids will be quickly acknowledged.1